Early Works

Alliance Surveying can assist our clients from a very early stage in the construction cycle.


If the client has not supplied Survey control for the project to proceed, Alliance Surveying can plan, establish and adjust a control network to suit the project.

Ground Model Verification

If the project is paid using a ground model supplied by a third party then it would be in our client’s best interests to verify the model is correct. Alliance Surveying can complete and report on the ground model prior to work commencing to make sure our clients get paid for the work they do.

For some Design & Construct projects service locations and detailed survey of intersections, live rail and structures have been completed at the early works stage to allow the design team to factor in existing features.


Alliance Surveying has the expertise to design and quantify simple haul roads and have already completed this type of work in some of the most rugged Pilbara terrain. Haul routes can be planned costed and designed before even arriving on site.

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