Project Description

Elizabeth Quay Island Retaining Walls and Service Installation
Fremantle Constructions and Leighton Broad
January 2015

Fremantle Constructions were awarded a contract with Leighton Broad to construct the feature retaining walls on the island at the Elizabeth Quay project. Alliance Surveying were involved from the beginning to the end of the retaining wall works and were also awarded the service installation surveying package for the island with head contractor Leighton Broad. Aspects of the project included:

  • Transformation of architectural designs and 3D models in Soldiworks to DXF and 12d format for setout and interpretation by the client
  • Survey setout and asconstructed pickups of the feature retaining walls
  • Survey setout and asconstructed of drainage infrastructure on the island
  • Create a 3D model of the island finished level surface from architectural drawings, this was used as the base for backfill landscpaing and hard pavement levels
  • Under the Leighton Broad contract, all services (electricity, comms, sewer, water and gas) on the island were setout and  picked up for as construction
  • 3D model of the services were produced to provide designers and installers a correct location of in ground services and allow modification if required
  • Provide as-built drawings for final MDR for the island and the entire Elizabeth Quay development