Bindi Bindi has finally progressed into the pavement phase and we currently have about 6km of subgrade and about 2km of subbase constructed. We have the millimetre system set up on 4 graders which have all done at various times either final trim or detailed balancing of pavements. The subgrade material was very rocky and the survey pick-ups were not a true indication of the what the system could, or could not, achieve. The subbase pickups though I would have to describe as phenomenal, averaging about 1mm low. This is well above what would be considered industry standard and as good as, if not far better than anything I have seen in my 19 years in the industry. I also note that we have had to date zero reworks in either balancing or trimming attributable to the millimetre system.

This result has been achieved by a fantastic level of commitment and problem solving by Cameron, Lachie and Reece to date. Even with the limited support, they have managed to trouble shoot and “debug” this system to make it produce some amazing results. I would like to express my recognition and thanks to the Bindi Bindi survey team for their efforts to date to make this system successful. If we can maintain this incredibly high level of pavement construction it will go a long way to be a highlight in what has been, and still is, a very challenging project.

My thanks again to yourself and the team for the results we have achieved so far.

Zi Ward
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