Commenced in March 2016 Northlink Stage 1, the southern section of the Northlink project involved a challenging 5km reconstruction of the existing Tonkin Highway from Guildford Road to Benara Road.

Key aspects of the project include:

  • 20 km of dual lane highway and pedestrian path
  • Full-Depth Asphalt Highway construction
  • 4 interchanges – Reid-Tonkin, Tonkin-Hepburn, Tonkin-Gnangara, Tonkin-Promenade
  • 14 Road Bridge
  • 3 Pedestrian Footbridges
  • 11km of noisewalls

Surveying requirements for this project was managed by Alliance Surveying with Stephen Marevic as Survey Manager for the project. At its peak, there was 6 Alliance Surveying surveyors and 5 subcontractors surveyors working on the project. Alliance Surveying managed all structures on the project and produced design models and audit checked on earthworks and asphalt operations. Service locating and relocations was Alliance Surveying’s responsibility, working together with John Holland service manager to produce permits and inform work crews of live services.

Traffic staging and planning was a major part of the project and Alliance Surveying worked with the John Holland team to first provide staging plans and designs and then provided the surveying support on upto 30 nightshift traffic closures to execute the traffic switches.

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