Moving on to the Construction phase of a project is when our clients require maximum input from our Surveyors.


Alliance Surveying are experts at both large scale and small detailed earthworks projects, our solid understanding of the construction process will ensure the best efficiency from your Survey team.

Alliance Surveying have been involved in many large earthworks projects over the past 12 years. Together, directors Scott and Stephen have been involved in the construction of over 2000km of rail formation. Our experience in Main Roads WA has included projects located within the Perth metropolitan area and in rural areas. Bulk earthworks doesn’t just stop at rail and roads, as Alliance Surveying are also experienced in bulk earthwork projects for mining resource companies which includes port and mine facilities. With this large experience in bulk earthwork projects, we are capable of providing drill pattern designs and drill depths for our clients.

GPS Machine Guidance has long been publicized as the most efficient way to move dirt. At Alliance Surveying we realise this means nothing without the right support. Our Surveyors are experts in Machine Control and will support a wide range of manufacturers products, from producing the correct designs to troubleshooting machine problems, our Surveyors will help make machine control efficiency a reality.


Alliance Surveying are experienced in various concrete structure construction. We are able to provide survey services for construction of small concrete structures to the large scale bridge construction. Using plans provided to the surveyor, we will produce all the data required for set out for the structures and produce the information needed on site quickly and most importantly accurately.


Alliance Surveying are not just land based and have the capabilities to work over water. Experience includes sea walls, artificial reefs, land reclamation and structures in water including piling and bridges piers.

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